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​​The Testing Center offers a diverse range of services, each tailored to address the unique needs of the academic community and beyond:

Language Proficiency Testing (AUB-EN): Providing ​language proficiency tests that evaluate English language skills, vital for success in academia and various professional fields. This score offers a general assessment of English language proficiency, specifically designed as the AUB English Entrance exam.

Writing Placement Testing (WT): The center administers writing placement tests designed to help students identify their appropriate academic placement. These tests assess students' ability to read, analyze, and write at the university level. The results guide the selection of the appropriate Communication Skills Program (CSP) writing course, ensuring a strong foundation for academic success.

Language Proficiency Testing for Recruitment (AUB-IET, AUB-EET): Conducting language proficiency tests tailored for recruitment purposes, aiding in selecting candidates with the requisite language skills, crucial for effective communication in professional and academic settings. These assessments are utilized beyond the academic realm, facilitating effective communication and language skills evaluation for various organizational needs.

College-level Skills Testing (ETS® Proficiency Profile): Administering tests that assess essential skills such as critical thinking, reading, writing, and mathematics, with the aim of measuring and enhancing general education student learning outcomes.

Testing for International Organizations (British Council: IELTS, Educational Testing Service: Digital SAT): Facilitating international testing for organizations like IELTS and the Digital SAT, enabling students to meet global standards and opening doors to global educational and professional opportunities.

Proctoring Services for Distance Education (Concordia University, Universitat Pompeu Fabra etc..): Offering proctoring services for students enrolled in distance education courses from other educational institutions, guaranteeing the integrity of examinations.

The Testing Center plays a pivotal role in shaping academic success by ensuring that the assessment process is seamless, secure, and conducive to individual achievement. The Testing Center is committed to maintaining and enhancing these services to meet the ever-evolving needs of the academic community and the broader public.​


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