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For international members

​(Also relevant if you are a non-international member of the AUB community) 

International members of the AUB community should be aware of potential risks to personal safety and adhere to the necessary security precautions. We always recommend that you avoid areas that are known to be unsafe or volatile. While there is no way to predict what could happen or what your personal circumstances could be, it is most important to use good judgment.

  • Stay informed of unfolding situations by consulting the media daily. In the event of an emergency, advice may be made to the general public through traditional and social media.
  • Students, it is advisable to remain in contact with the Office of International Programs (OIP) and the Office of Student Affairs when unpredictable situations are developing.
  • Register with your local e​mbassy or consulate. Students can obtain registration forms for some embassies at the OIP and the director can send them to your embassy or consulate.
  • Try to be inconspicuous in dress and demeanor and blend in with your surroundings. Make sure to carry your AUB ID and your residence permit on you, in case you are asked for identification. Only Lebanese government officials have the right to know of your residence status and to see your residence permit.
  • Students, consult with OIP prior to undertaking travel to districts or neighborhoods where unrest is common, or to neighboring countries.
  • If you see a volatile situation developing, resist the temptation to satisfy your curiosity and investigate what is happening. Participation in any public demonstration that has not been authorized by the Lebanese authorities may result in arrest and charges by the police. Students are therefore cautioned to avoid getting involved in such demonstrations.
  • Rumors fly in times of uncertainty. Do not rely solely on word of mouth. Contact OIP, your embassy, or the Protection Office for clarification or confirmation of information.
  • If you are interviewed by the media, remember that what you say reflects your personal opinion only, and therefore, it is advisable to be aware of the consequences of your statements.

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